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Etusivu / Tietokoneet / POS / HONEYWELL PC43TA, TT, 203dpi, HARDWARE
HONEYWELL PC43TA, TT, 203dpi, HARDWARE (PC43TB01000202)
HONEYWELL PC43TA, TT, 203dpi, HARDWARE (PC43TB01000202)
HONEYWELL PC43TA, TT, 203dpi, HARDWARE (PC43TB01000202)
HONEYWELL PC43TA, TT, 203dpi, HARDWARE (PC43TB01000202)


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Featuring innovative designs guided by customer input, the PC series are optimized for healthcare, retail and hospitality markets – as well as light-duty manufacturing, warehousing and general office duties.

Designed for user-friendliness and flexibility, compact PC series desktop printers provide an intuitive label printing solution. Available in two-inch wide direct thermal (PC23d), four-inch wide direct thermal (PC43d), or four-inch wide thermal transfer (PC43t) models, PC series printers are perfect for space-constrained settings. Their low cost and fast operation make them the smart choice for light duty labeling applications where users need reliable, easy-to-use printers.

PC series printers were designed for quick set-up and trouble-free use. With a variety of placement options including wall-mounted and battery-powered, these printers adapt to their environment and fit right in. Common printer tasks are simple and training needs are reduced, because PC series printers come with either a universal icon interface or color LCD in ten languages. It's even possible to configure and update your printer on the spot, using a USB thumbdrive – no computer necessary.


- Ten-language LCD or intuitive icon graphical user interface. Simple to use and maintain, with easy one-handed media reloading.
- Comprehensive printer command language support, including ZSim2, makes upgrading easy.
- Flexible, with user-installable connectivity upgrades and accessories.
- This Smart Printer runs apps right inside the printer; you can add keyboards, scanners or other USB peripherals for increased efficiency.

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