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Etusivu Digiboksit DREAMBOX DREAMBOX DM525 HD 1X DVB-T2/C
DREAMBOX DM525 HD 1X DVB-T2/C (dm525c2t)



Huom! Tämä on poistotuote, tuote on uusi, nyt poistohintaan 99€, EI PALAUTUSOIKEUTTA!!! Dreambox DM525 HD E2 DVB-T2/C Linux PVR HDTV USB LAN Receiver The compact Dreambox DM525 HD sets new standards with modern design and technical equipment at the highest level. The new Videostandard H.265, the u.a. Which is required for DVB-T2 reception in Germany and many other countries, is supported by the HDTV Dreambox.
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A next-generation Broadcom chipset (BCM 73625) provides fast switching times and fluid navigation. The DM525 comes with the popular RCU10 multi-remote control for dreamboxes and playback devices such as TVs or Blu-ray players. The 256 MB typical flash memory in the flash memory surpasses the DM525 with 512 MB, enough memory for innovative IP services. Some apps are already planned. In addition, the DM525 HD also supports the Sat> IP standard. The Dreambox is connected to the Internet via the back-end Ethernet port or optionally via WLAN. 

The futuristic design of the DM525 HD with the colored status LED display represents the innovative power for which the Dreamboxes are known worldwide. The DM525 HD has an illuminated touch-on / off sensor at the front. On the back are two USB ports, which allow the user to restore the Dreambox in the event of flash crashes without having to send them. 

The main feature is the new BCM 73625 2000 DMIPS processor with H.265 HVEC support
Fanless design housing 
DVB-S2, C / T2 HVEC support 
H.265 Support 
High quality Dreambox RC10 remote control 

Technical specifications: 
2000 DMIPS Processor 
512 MB Flash, 512 MB RAM (memory) 
1x Tuner DVB-S2 HDTV 
Linux OS Enigma2 
Programs Unlimited 
HbbTV Yes 
PVR Function Yes, prepared 
On-screen display language Multilingual 
Pay TV Connectivity SmartCard Reader (CA) 
1x CA slot 
1x CI slot 
HDTV Compatible 
DiSEqC control signals 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 and USALS (rotor control) 
Unicable capable 
1x HDMI component output 
1x Digital audio output 
1x RJ 45 connector (LAN) 
2x external USB 
Power switch 

Dreambox DM525 HD DVB-S2 tuner 
Remote control RC10 
Power cable 
Quick guide

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