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AOPEN DE3250 CEL 1,83 2/32 Fanless No OS

Etusivu Näytöt/TV Tarvikkeet AOPEN DE3250 CEL 1,83 2/32 Fanless No OS
AOPEN DE3250 CEL 1,83 2/32 Fanless No OS (491.DED00.0370)

AOPEN DE3250 CEL 1,83 2/32 Fanless No OS

  • Tyyppi Videopidennys / vastaanotin
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  • Small form factor
    • This form factor ensures easy integration into kiosks or behind screens. The AOPEN small form factor is a standard that is used for Digital Engine (DE) models. The size of our Digital Engine series is set to a maximum of 166 x 48 x 177 mm. Its width is set to 166 mm. Do the math and you will see that a Digital Engine is an investment that will last, even after replacing the item in a kiosk or mount that already exists.
  • Full HD resolution playback
    • This media player is capable of driving full HD 1080p content. With a resolution that can be set up to 1920 x 1080 pixels, your content will be of a high standard. This feature marks the players that are capable of delivering content that is fluent and stutter-free.
  • Fanless design without venting holes
    • This Digital Engine is passively cooled. The cooling ribs on its exterior make sure the device won’t overheat. This means the device doesn’t have moving parts which enhance its reliability. Furthermore, the device is quiet and dustproof.
  • Dual LAN ports
    • Create redundancy by using dual LAN, upgrade your internet speed, or create a gateway by implementing this feature. This Digital Engine has dual LAN ports and is therefore suited for critical communication environments.
  • Dual output player
    • Dual output player, for dual display solutions. These value or mid-range computing devices have multiple outputs and are therefore perfect for digital signage and dual-screen kiosks.

Dimensions (W x H x D)
  • 166 x 25 x 158 mm
  • 6.54 x 0.98 x 6.22 inch
  • 0.6L
  • 0.8 kg (1.76 lb)
  • CPU on board
  • Celeron, N2930, 1.83 GHz turbo to 2.16 GHz, Quad core
  • --
  • Compatible
  • Channel: Dual Channel
  • Type: DDRⅢL SO-DIMM x 2
  • Data rate: 1333
  • Max Memory: 8G (based on OS support)
  • Intel HD Graphics
  • x 2 (Full size x1, half size x1)
Audio Type: Realtek HD Audio Codec ALC662 Channel: Stereo
  • LAN Realtek RTL8111G x2
  • 10/100/1000Mbps
  • mSATA x 1
Front Panel I/O
  • eSATA x1, COM x1, SD slot x1
Rear Panel I/O
  • DC Jack x 1
  • HDMI Port x 2
  • RJ45 LAN Jack x 2
  • Audio Set Line-Out x 1 Mic-In x 1
  • Upgrade for Antenna Port x 1
CPU Thermal Module
  • AOPEN Fanless design
WatchDog Timer
  • 1 ~ 255 SEC./ min
  • 40W (19V, 2.1A) AC Adapter
  • ADP-40KD BBZ
  • P/N: 90.DEF57.0010
  • 50,000hrs
Operating Temperature
  • 0 ~40ºC
Storage Temperature
  • -20 ~ 60ºC
Relative Humidity
  • 90% RH (40ºC non-Condensing)

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