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Langaton Smartwi » Smartwi 3 maksukortinjakajat 

Smartwi 3 langaton kortinjakaja kahdella etäkortilla


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Erikoistarjous 129,00 Eur
(Alv 24%=24,97, Alv 0%=104,03)

Osta Smartwi 3 kortinjakaja ja unohda kalliit rinnakkaiskatselukortit!
Samartwi 3 maksukortinjakajalla voit jakaa katselukorttiasi samassa taloudessa jopa 5:lle digisovittimelle tai TV:lle. Toimii antenni-, kaapeli- ja satelliittiverkossa. Pakkauksessa mukana myös suomenkieliset ohjeet.

Yhteensopiva SD- ja HD-kanavien kanssa. Jos linkitetty katselukorttisi toimii useammassa TV:ssä/digiboksissa kuin yhdessä TV:ssä tai digiboksissa silloin Smartwi 3 on yhteensopiva myös linkitetty katselukorttisi kanssa.

SmartWi is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to watch pay-TV throughout the house without having to pay extra fees every month for extra cards. With only one program card from your broadcaster SmartWi 3 makes it possible to watch 5-6 different TV-sets in your home where everyone in the family can choose his favorite program.

SmartWi 3 works with television signals from cable, satellite and terrestrial systems with encryption from, among others Irdeto, Viaccess, Seca, Cryptoworks, Conax, Tong Fang & B-CAS - making it the most versatile card splitter on the market.

SmartWi 3 is very easy to install and requires no computer knowledge and no maintenance. Every TV-set or set-top box has decoder that can receive television signals via an antenna cable. With SmartWi 3 the decoded signals needed are distributed wirelessly to the client cards in each receiver - no complicated cables. The TV-set or set-top box must be able to receive the pay-TV programming with a normal program card - otherwise you may need to purchase necessary hardware, for example a CA-module according to your encryption system.

SmartWi 3 comes standard with a master, power supply and 3 pcs. SmartWi 3 client cards for each receiver. Client Cards to extra receivers can be purchased separately. Please note that you may connect seven client cards / receivers with max. 5-6 in function simultaneously. This will depend on the encryption system.

Technical data:

SmartWi 3 Master: The SmartWi 3 Master Box uses a fast microprocessor to control both the card reader and wireless communication between master and client cards.

* Uses the ISO 7816 standard
* USB2 connectors for power supply and firmware update
* Built-in antenna for wireless communication with the client brief
* Indoor range: 10-15 meters
* Automatic restart after power failure
* Stand alone operation
* Very fast communication (> 30 KBytes / s)
* LED indicators for installation and operation

SmartWi 3 Client Card:

Dimensions: 109 x 54 x 0.6mm

SmartWi LITE client cards use a small microprocessor to control the wireless communication with the master.

* Uses the ISO 7816 standard
* Automatic firmware update via SmartWi master
* Built-in PCB antenna for wireless communication with master
* 10-15 foot range
* LED indicators for communication
* Remote power decoder / card reader.

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